The youngest of a family of six, I grew up in the southwestern USA. My parents were strict teachers who had never flown in their lives. My brother Jon and I became pilots and were were both sent to Vietnam at the same time. Fate wouid have it that we got to fly together in an awesome A1-G Skyraider, and both of us returned stateside in one piece. My combat experiences grew into a love of utility flying as a civilian. While spraying illegal crops in Mexico, I was introduced to a beautiful Mexican gal who came to be my wife. We traveled together as I moved from one helicopter job to another in Utah and Wyoming. My small cabin in Oregon came to be a scary place for my wife to live alone, so we moved on to the city where flying was steady and Lourdes could watch Spanish language TV on multiple stations! Flying near Los Angeles brought exposure to film work and ultimately, the Twilight Zone Movie disaster and six years of legal misery. Once the jury set us free, I continued the damanding work I was good at, which ended with ten years of helicopter logging. During this phase, I grew to realize no one was writing any books about this dangerous line of employment. Before I was finished, I had written over 130 nonfiction stories into four books.

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